Welcome to The Wiens Family New Website. Jared and Kristin are proud residents of Colorado Springs Colorado! The Colorado Wiens family came here from California via Kansas. This Wiens family came to the United States via Russia to escape from Germany. They lived in Kansas and many still do to today. My family patriarch is Ross Wiens son of Roudolph Wiens who moved to California when Ross was younger. Ross then moved to the great state of Colorado where he started his own electrical contracting company and still lives today. Here in Colorado Springs the family lives on and the business has enjoyed three generations now and is still continuing to be a pillar in the electrical community setting the standard for electrical contracting with a broad range of services in the commercial, industrial, design build, government and controls arenas. With it always being a true family business with most of the Wiens family working in the management and field services it offers.

I got this site from the other Wiens in the US. Nice to hear from you all and it will be fun tracking down the connections. So far we have found connections both back to Kansas! Thank you Sandy and MK!

OK It is still primitive. It is a work in progress.

Jared, Mark, and Shelley Wiens. Just shooting in the back yard Having Fun!

Congratulations on Recent Events:


Shelley aka. "Scarlet Rebel" Colorado State SASS Champion.

Landon aka. "Slim Spurs" Colorado State SASS Champion.


Mark aka. Desert Eagle. Colorado SASS Championship 3rd place.

Shelley aka. Scarlet Rebel. Colorado SASS Championship 3rd place.

Landon aka. Slim Spurs Colorado SASS Championship 3rd place.